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In the modern Texas medical landscape, physicians are under tremendous strain each and every day. Although good doctors may make errors or arrive at wrong decisions in some cases, they might also be reported falsely without any fault of theirs. When confronted with claims brought against them by the Texas Medical Board, it is essential to remember that there is still help available. At ATX Legal, our highly experienced Austin physician license defense lawyer will fight for your rights and provide you with all possible options.

From colleagues, allied healthcare professionals, and disgruntled employees to insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and even ex-spouses, complaints about medical practices are filed with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) by a variety of sources. The TMB is committed to investigating these allegations thoroughly, even if they’re anonymous; pursuing them whenever possible in order to protect patients and their families from potential wrongdoing. Don’t leave your medical license to chance, contact our skilled medical license defense attorney today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

Common Complaints To The Texas Medical Board

Securing your career and the future of your practice is fundamental when it comes to medical license defense cases. However, too often physicians underestimate or overlook state medical board investigations. Some doctors even try to represent themselves in these proceedings which can lead to serious repercussions. Our Austin physician license defense lawyer can defend medical professionals against a wide variety of allegations such as:

  • Chemical dependency Issues
  • Violating care standards
  • DWI charges
  • Undisclosed or pending criminal cases
  • Improper prescribing or dispensing of narcotics
  • Failure to comply with health and safety requirements
  • Violating medical disclosures or confidentiality
  • Failing to maintain proper certifications
  • Improper patient referrals and solicitation allegations

When you lodge a complaint with the TMB, it typically initiates an exhaustive investigation and drawn-out administrative process for disciplining licensees. On top of managing your practice and addressing lifestyle needs, keeping track of deadlines related to complaint resolution can be overwhelming. ATX Legal helps free up some of your time by ensuring that you are aware of due dates, responding as needed, and staying abreast with any modifications in statutes or rules.

Common Types of Medical License Matters in Texas

Our physician license defense lawyer in Austin, TX can represent healthcare professionals in numerous licensure disputes. Among these are:

Texas Medical Board Investigations

The Texas Medical Board receives thousands of complaints every year, varying in severity. To ensure patient safety and health care quality, the Board deploys a dedicated investigative team to investigate these grievances by interviewing witnesses and reviewing relevant records throughout the state.

Texas Board Of Nursing Investigations

Nurses, just like physicians, may be subjected to an investigation based on a patient or colleague’s report. If you are ever notified of such an inquiry into your compliance with the Nursing Practice Act, turn to us for assistance throughout this investigative and disciplinary process – so that you can dedicate all of your attention to providing care for those who need it most. Reach out today to speak with our nurse license defense attorney and learn more about how we can help.

HIPAA Violation Allegations

As a hospital physician, you are likely aware of the legal and financial implications of an alleged HIPAA violation. Our team of attorneys can ensure that your facility is compliant with all necessary regulations and protect you from any allegations. However, if violations are found to be present, we will work to minimize the impact on your case as much as possible.

Peer Review Proceedings

When a healthcare professional questions the credentials or standard of care of one of their colleagues, it can trigger an investigation and put their license at risk. While hospitals have procedures in place to manage peer reviews, they often are convoluted which makes protecting your license during this process incredibly difficult.

Moreover, if a peer review concludes unfavorably, your professional privileges may be hindered and it could also lead to an entry into the National Practitioner’s Databank. Our experienced Austin physician license defense lawyer can assist you in protecting your license during this process by helping you comprehend the particular regulations of your facility and devising the ideal strategy for resolving your case.

Understanding The Texas Medical Board Investigation Process

  • Notice: The medical board will alert you of an inquiry, searching for evidence to determine whether further investigation is necessary.
  • Settlement conference: A casual negotiation conference (ISC) will be planned, where we can present a persuasive response to the claims against you at an informal hearing in the medical board’s office. The panel members or leaders of the board and its attorney might attend this meeting as well.
  • Board decision: At the conclusion of the ISC, a ruling will be given. The board is highly unlikely to opt for dismissal; instead, they are likely to present you with an order that requires compliance with unfavorable and onerous stipulations. It should be noted that these terms may become public knowledge.
  • Possible lawsuit: If an amicable resolution is unattainable, the board can initiate a legal action with the State Office of Administrative Hearings. This process mimics that of civil litigation proceedings and includes discovery sessions as well as hearings conducted before an administrative judge.

Dependency Assistance & Available Treatment Options

Texas physicians are increasingly facing troubling issues of substance abuse and psychological distress, which can result in a variety of serious allegations that could potentially end one’s career. While these circumstances are difficult to overcome, it is important to remember that no doctor has to tackle the accompanying regulatory process on their own.

For physicians in Texas, help with the underlying issues is available through the Texas Medical Association (TMA), the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association (TOMA), and the Texas Physicians Health Program TXPHP). For help with the regulatory impact of these issues, contact our skilled Austin physician license defense attorney at ATX Legal as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do After Receiving A Letter of Complaint From the Texas Medical Board?

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) can alert healthcare professionals like doctors, physician’s assistants, and other licensees of an investigation in several ways. You may receive a letter from the TMB stating that your license is under scrutiny if:

  • A patient files a complaint against you after receiving your care;
  • A peer files a peer review proceeding against you because they question your professional credentials or care standards;
  • A medical malpractice settlement or judgment names you as a person of interest;
  • Another doctor reports you to the TMB.

The moment you are informed that a TMB inquiry has been launched, it is essential to move swiftly. You should immediately acquire legal counsel in order to ensure your rights and protect your interests remain secure. Bringing on a medical license defense attorney does not mean guilt; instead, this allows you the space and time necessary to spend with patients while a professional guides you through the administrative process.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer To Protect Your License?

When you are confronted with a licensing complaint, it is paramount to have an experienced Austin physician license defense lawyer by your side. We can aid in constructing a well-thought-out plan of action tailored to your exact needs and ensure that we defend all of your rights diligently and ethically – both inside the courtroom as well outside.

At ATX Legal, we specialize in medical license defense and understand that as a healthcare professional, your knowledge is indispensable to you and your patients. If you are in need of legal counsel within the area of health law, contact our office today for a free consultation.

Contact Our Austin Physician License Defense Lawyer Today

If the Texas Medical Board has sent you a letter of inquiry or initial complaint, it is essential to seek experienced legal counsel from our Austin medical license defense lawyer without delay. After all, prompt action can help protect your medical license and minimize any potential adverse consequences from the TMB’s investigation process.

Time and again, the Texas Medical Board has seen individuals suffer needlessly due to their own missteps that could have been prevented with legal counsel. Don’t let a minor mistake become an issue of discipline or further investigation, reach out to ATX Legal today for your free initial consultation and protect yourself from potential issues in the future.

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