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As a pharmacist, your reputation is tied to how well you complete duties and interact with patients, families, law enforcement officers, as well as other healthcare professionals. If an accusation has been lodged against you by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy it could possibly risk your license and impede your ability to serve those who need it most. To best protect yourself from baseless complaints or manage the consequence of legitimate ones efficiently, consider enlisting help from a skilled Austin pharmacist license defense lawyer for assistance today!

At ATX Legal, we understand the complex situation you may find yourself in when a complaint is brought to a licensing board. Our team specializes in professional license defense and has the necessary experience needed to advocate for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacies that are facing charges from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Time restrictions often come with pending allegations so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now for more information during your free consultation!

Texas State Board of Pharmacy

With the mission of ensuring public safety and quality health care, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy is responsible for overseeing pharmacies’ operations, pharmacy practice, and much of prescription drug distribution throughout Texas. To accomplish this goal effectively, the Board dedicates a great deal of effort to investigating complaints as well as conducting audits and inspections on a regular basis. The following are some objectives that they strive to meet:

  • Establishing and maintaining quality professional standards
  • Ensuring practitioners have and retain proper skill levels
  • Preventing the diversion and misuse of prescription drugs
  • Maintaining and overseeing safe prescription drug distribution

Common Disciplinary Actions That Pharmacists Face In Texas

The Board is tasked with both regulating thousands of pharmacies and tens of thousands of pharmacists and techs, as well as disciplining licensees based on various grounds. These may include unlawful behavior, fraudulence, unprofessional demeanor or any breach in health-related statutes. Consequences by the Board are multifarious but can comprise one or more forms such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Public reprimand
  • Imposition of fines
  • Restrictions on a license
  • Placing the pharmacy, pharmacist, or tech license on probation with terms and conditions
  • Suspending the pharmacy, pharmacist, or tech license
  • Revoking the pharmacy, pharmacist, or tech license

Moreover, the Texas State Pharmacy Board also investigates drug diversion cases which may bring about disciplinary action or even transference of criminal charges. The following are explanations as to why a pharmacy, pharmacist, or technician could be subjected to penalties from the Board:

  • Engaging in unprofessional conduct
  • Alcoholism, chemical dependency, or substance abuse
  • Fraudulent or deceitful practices
  • Negligence in the practice of pharmacy
  • Criminal charges, arrests, or convictions
  • Violating a pharmacy code, drug-related statute, or other health and safety code

If you have any queries regarding your circumstances, or about the drug investigation process, it is essential to quickly reach out to our Austin pharmacist license defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Protecting Your Pharmacist License From Revocation

When the Texas State Board of Pharmacy attempts to penalize you for not upholding a certain standard, our pharmacist license defense lawyer in Austin, TX is here to protect your career. At ATX Legal, we have tenaciously defended numerous pharmacists and pharmacist technicians from having their licenses revoked due to:

  • Non-therapeutic dispensing
  • Dispensing errors
  • Failure to maintain appropriate inventories
  • Failure to prevent loss or diversion of controlled substances
  • Failure to supervise technicians or fulfill the duties of a Pharmacist in Charge (PIC).
  • Improper storage of Schedule II Narcotics
  • Discipline by peers/adverse actions
  • Violations of an agreed order entered into with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy
  • Failure to timely complete continuing pharmacy education
  • Filling expired prescriptions
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Unauthorized practice of pharmacy

DUI Convictions As A Pharmacist

Among the most frequently asked inquiries regarding pharmaceutical licensing is, “Is it possible to be a pharmacist if I have been charged with a DWI?” According to Texas law, pharmacists must report any charges of driving while intoxicated promptly and accurately to the Texas Board of Pharmacy. Failure or refusal to notify them about such an incident could lead not only in rejection but also revocation of one’s license.

Upon evaluating the particulars of your DWI offense, the Board will establish suitable penalties in relation to your career and license. Depending on how serious the charge is as well as how willing you are to disclose it, pharmacists may be urged to seek aid and commence their recovery journey. If completed successfully, this allows them to continue practicing without interruption.

As a pharmacist, if you’re convicted of DWI or have any other accusation leveled against you regarding substance abuse, there could be severe legal consequences such as jail time, hefty fines, and mandated rehabilitation. Moreover, your pharmacist license might even be suspended or revoked. Such scenarios are dire for your career and personal reputation alike; which is why it’s essential to enlist the services of a knowledgeable Austin pharmacist license defense attorney who can diligently represent your interests in both administrative hearings and court cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Texas State Board Of Pharmacy Do?

It is of utmost importance that pharmacists are aware of the laws and regulations imposed by state boards of pharmacy, as these regulatory organizations wield tremendous power over their daily professional activities. The purpose of such agencies is to protect public health, safety, and welfare – they typically consist of practicing pharmacists in addition to healthcare professionals and members from the general population. Without understanding how these governing bodies work, pharmacies cannot ensure compliance with industry standards.

What Does The Texas State Board Of Pharmacy Regulate?

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy is authorized to regulate the practice of pharmacy through its power granted by the Texas Pharmacy Act. As a result, it receives the majority of complaints about services rendered by registered pharmacists and investigates them. Additionally, this act makes it possible for TSBP to issue licenses and subsequently discipline pharmacists who commit violations while also enabling monitoring activities in pharmacies across the state.

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy works diligently to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of pharmacy services by inspecting pharmacies and resolving any customer complaints. The Board of Pharmacy is devoted to upholding the highest level of professional standards for pharmacists and is dedicated to providing quality care for those who need it. Moreover, they are vigilant in curbing the illicit use or distribution of prescription drugs, ensuring that medications can be safely administered with efficacy.

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy is responsible for the regulation and supervision of over 6,000 pharmacies statewide and 24,000 licensed pharmacists. Yet, if one answers too vaguely during an investigation conducted by this organization it can lead to an unnecessary penalty. Therefore, it’s essential to give precise responses when faced with a TSBP inquiry in order to avoid potential repercussions.

Our Austin pharmacist license defense lawyer is well-versed in Texas State Board of Pharmacy law and litigation and can help you secure the best possible outcome. From minor prescription violations to alleged infractions with the Controlled Substances Act, ATX Legal is here for you. Contact our office now for a free consultation and to take the next steps to defend your medical license.

Why Is The Investigation Stage Of The Complaint Process So Important?

Upon the filing of an official complaint, The Texas State Board of Pharmacy will investigate and evaluate if there is adequate evidence in support thereof. If no such proof exists, then your claim may be dropped; yet when supported by sufficient details to indicate that it has merit, an administrative complaint shall follow suit. To protect yourself from potential ramifications you must request a hearing expeditiously or else the Board’s ultimate decision-making authority kicks into motion, leaving your career hanging in jeopardy without the assistance of a seasoned Austin pharmacist license defense lawyer on your side.

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