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About ATX Legal


About ATX Legal

ATX Legal was launched with the goal of improving access to justice for the average Austinite. To me, access to justice doesn't just mean representation in court. It means you have an advocate by your side. An advocate should listen to your concerns and communicate with you about your case in a language that you can understand.

Too many criminal defense attorneys let phone calls go unanswered, handling the case while the client is left in the dark. Sometimes they get a good outcome, but how many times has a crucial fact been overlooked because the attorney didn't take the time to listen to the client's version of the events? How many Personal Injury attorneys charge fees up to the maximum amount allowed by law? Too many

ATX Legal is different. We take the time required to listen to our clients. A good attorney-client relationship is a collaboration. Our clients are the experts in their own case because, often, it is the most important thing happening in their lives. We understand that, and we give each case the attention it deserves. Does this mean we take fewer cases than other attorneys? Absolutely. But that is the only way to ensure that each case is handled the right way.

Access to Justice only works when there is quality representation. At ATX Legal, we take that to heart.

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About Rob Chesnutt

Born and raised in Texas, I began practicing in Austin in 2014. In that time, I have learned the value of a client-centered approach focused on communication with all my clients. I launched ATX Legal in 2021 because I wanted to replicate the client-focused approach I had developed over five years and hundreds of clients. A large percentage of my business comes from references from previous clients because they know the kind of value I deliver and the level of care I take in each case.

After graduating cum laude from Loyola University in New Orleans, I returned home to Austin. I am married with a beautiful daughter in elementary school. On my off days, I enjoy hiking, motorsport, and sim racing. Austin will always be my home, and I want to make it a better place, one client at a time.

505 West 12th Street, Suite 200 Austin Texas 78701

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