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2023 Travis County DWI Guide

2023 Travis County DWI Guide

The legal landscape is constantly changing.  That’s why I’ve updated my Travis County DWI guide for 2023.  As I was updating the sections, I was amazed at how much had changed in the last few years.  This guide is not a substitute for hiring an attorney.  It is for educational purposes only.  However, for some it will take a bit of the mystery out of the legal process, so they know what to expect when charged with a DWI.

If facing charges outside of Travis County, your situation may be different.  Although the discussions on Texas law will apply, every county has it’s own customs set by the prosecutors, courts, and judges.  This guide is always free to download and share.  If you want to schedule a consultation to speak on your specific case, call us at 512-677-5003, or email rob@atx.legal.

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